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Webasto is a global partner in innovative systems for almost all car manufacturers, but since its foundation — in 1901 — the company remains a family business.Webasto develops and manufactures roof and folding roof systems, heating and cooling systems, as well as charging solutions and battery systems for electric vehicles. Webasto is among the top 100 largest suppliers to the automotive industry.Webasto is represented in all relevant automotive markets worldwide. In the regions Europe, the Americas and Asia, the company has more than 50 locations, of which over 30 are production sites. Our company is one of dealers for Webasto.

Thermo Top Evo Start.The engine doesn't start in the cold? Cold in the cabin? Let's put an end to these winter problems! The high-tech Webasto Thermo Top Evo Start heater will help us. In any frost, it warms up the engine to operating temperature just in time for the start of the trip. Webasto preheaters run on fuel. They warm up the engine and cabin without turning on the engine. This saves fuel and resources and ensures complete independence from both outdoor temperatures and external energy sources.Thermo Top Evo heaters are designed specifically for the Russian market, based on the wishes of Webasto's partners and consumer preferences research. They are manufactured at the Webasto plant in Germany, on the same lines and from the same components as the rest of Webasto products. These heaters have a capacity of 5 kW, run on gasoline or diesel fuel, designed for on-board voltage of 12 V.

Thermo Top Evo Comfort+ — focused on the priority heating of the cabin with guaranteed engine start. Optimal for use in temperate climates.Fuel consumption max. 0.21 litres per 20 minutes. Standard  Thermo Top Evo kit. Optional control element is ordered separately. (Multi Control timer or remote control system).

Air Top 2000 STC — A simple and economical solution. The compact Air Top 2000 STC heater is a convincing handyman thanks to its versatility and low fuel consumption. The compact design of the Air Top 2000 STC means that it can be quickly installed inside or outside the vehicle. This heater heats up the air in the cabin or cargo van quickly, keeping it at operating temperature. Users can select models with recirculation or fresh air supply. Heat output 2 kW. Faster heating, more uniform and smoother heating process thanks to the DP 42 fuel pump. Reliable heater with small dimensions and low fuel consumption. Easy operation and maintenance, diagnostic capability.

Air Top Evo 40/55 — Evolutionary device with greater power and versatility. Air Top Evo offers greater comfort, safety and thermal performance for large commercial vehicles. Air heating guarantees fast and efficient heating of salons and cargo compartments. Minimal energy consumption and reduced noise levels thanks to the control system. Automatic altitude compensation as standard. Quick and easy installation makes Air Top Evo an economical conversion solution.Heat output up to 4.0/5.5 kW. Very low power consumption due to intelligent fan control system. Extremely low noise level due to variable fan speed and low noise fuel pump (DP42).Flame detection by flue gas temperature sensor.

Thermo Pro 50 Eco — Lightweight and powerful. Thermo Pro 50 Eco is specially designed for light trucks, small and medium commercial vehicles and specialty vehicles. Its compact dimensions and low weight allow for installation even in tight spaces. The Thermo Pro 50 Eco engine can be warmed to operating temperature even before starting, saving fuel. The innovative control system guarantees a comfortable temperature in the car, even when it is standing still and during breaks in operation.

Thermo Top Evo — Fast and reliable start-up in winter. Thermo Top Evo stand-alone heaters are designed specifically for new vehicles as well as machines with little space for installation. Thanks to the efficient heating system, the car is quickly and reliably prepared for start-up. Rapid defrosting of icy glasses and rapid heating of the interior. In the cargo area, this heater also quickly creates the optimum temperature for transporting sensitive goods.

Why buy Webasto in our online shop? Because our shop only solutions which have been tested by time and Siberian winter. There are no little things in the field of autonomous heating. In areas where there is a lot of snow and cold spread for hundreds of kilometers, the cost of broken heating unit could be someone’s life! We always remember it and therefore we are never wrong! We offer worldwide international delivery, timely technical support and all the heaters we sell are subject to warranty from the manufacturer. At first we have got customers in all parts of the world and then our customers have become our friends. This online shop has become an extension of our movement towards the globe, and the fact that you are reading this message is a confirmation that you are on the right path! Feel free to contact us at any time. We speak your language and can assist you with pleasure.